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Welcome Rail, Barons!

Rail Baron game boxRail Baron, the Game of Building Railroad Empires, is an entertaining strategy game, where you are a Railroad mogul, buying up Railways across America attempting to become the ultimate Rail Baron. The game is a lot of fun to play, with the only frustration being, the time it takes to look up information (Destinations, Payoffs, etc.) on the provided charts; which really slows down the game.

Rail Baron Tools Logo Rail Baron Tools, is a Rail Baron reference app that takes the drudgery out of this, by allowing you to quickly look up the data you need, and helping you to optimize your decision making and strategies. Rail Baron Tools does not replace the game (i.e. you still play on the game board, using the actual playing pieces, money, dice etc.), but is meant to enhance it. The app provides data based on the 1977 edition Game published by The Avalon Hill Game Co.


  • Look up your destination Region based on a Dice Roll
  • Look up your destination City based on a Dice Roll
  • Look up a Payoff for completing a Destination
  • Look up a Payoff between any two Cities
  • Store Player information, including Name and Home City
  • View detailed Region information, including odds of rolling the Region
  • View detailed City information, including odds of rolling the City
  • View detailed Railroad information, including, Price, Cities along the Railroad, and odds of rolling a City on the Railroad
  • Miscellaneous Reference information including cost of Express and Superchief


Rail Baron Tools is available on the iTunes App Store, current version 1.0.4.

Download Rail Baron Tools on the App Store

Rail Baron Tools is available on the Goole Play Store, current version 1.0.0.

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Reviews and Comment

Thank you!

My vision has deteriorated and so having the payoff calculation is invaluable to me!

My suggestions would be to build in the dice roll for choosing cities. Also when calculating payoff, allow for city searching as an alternative to having to scroll the entire list of cities (e.g. typing “n” shows only cities that begin with that letter and “ne” brings up only New York and New Orleans!

I would be happy to pay for this app. Playing RB during the social distancing time has been wonderful for the family :)

App Store Review

Thank you so much for this app! No more looking at tiny numbers for payoff amounts, and I’m estimating this app will speed up our games by at least 7.4%! Now who’s ready to set up some remote rail baron games to pass the time during the quarantine?

App Store Review

No issues. Works great. Speeds up game play. Easier to read.

App Store Review

Thank you very much. Your app finally convinced me today to buy a used 1980's copy of this AH classic.

User's comment from BoardGameGeek

This is excellent. Rail Baron diehards everywhere thank you

User's comment from BoardGameGeek

iPhone on Desk running Rail Baron Tools


  • iOS device running iOS 12.0 or higher
  • Android device running 5.0 or higher
  • 1977 edition of Rail Baron board game
  • A couple of hours devoted to having fun!

More Information

You can find more information about Rail Baron on Wikipedia and on BoardGameGeek

Rail Baron game board and pieces


Boxcars boxThe Rail Baron Tools app can also be used with the Boxcars game set from Rio Grande Games, but will use the Destination dice roll odds from Rail Baron, instead of the slightly tweaked odds used in Boxcars. The other minor rule differences between Rail Baron and Boxcars, won't be affected by using this app.



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