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UTM Coordinate Converter 2.0.4 Released

UTM Coordinate Converter 2.0.4

At Ewert Technologies we are pleased to announce the release of UTM Coordinate Converter 2.0.4!

UTM Coordinate Converter is a Desktop application that is used to convert between various Geographical Coordinate Systems, such as Latitude/Longitude and Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM). The application includes a map, that displays the location that was converted. UTM Coordinate Converter is free and is available for both Windows and macOS (Intel and Silicon).

UTM Coordinate Converter, version 2.0.4 is a minor update that includes the following:

  • Added GDA2020 Datum
  • Updated to Java 17.0.6
  • Added ability to check for updates
  • Other minor updates and fixes
UTM Coodinate Converter screenshot
UTM Coordinate Converter using GDA2020

GDA 2020

GDA2020 is an update to GDA94, used in Australia. While there are some technical differences between GDA94 and GDA2020, from the perspective of UTM Coordinate Converter, the conversion calculations between Lat/Long and UTM are the same, and therefore, the application groups them together as: GDA94/GDA2020.

More Info

For more information, screenshots and to download, please visit the UTM Coordinate Converter home page.

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