PWMinder Desktop 4 – A First Look

PWMinder Desktop is a cross-platform Password Manager, that helps you manage and secure all of your various passwords. Version 3.x, is still being maintained (see PWMinder Desktop (Password Manager) 3.3.2 Released), but work is well underway on the next generation of our Password Manager. PWMinder Desktop 4, includes an updated User Interface (UI), giving it a more modern look and includes several new features, some of which are described below. Please note, that this is still a work in progress, and the UI is still likely to change.

Updated UI

Below are some screenshots on Windows 11, showing the updated UI:

PWMinder Enter Password Screen
Enter Password Screen on Windows 11
PWMinder Desktop 4 Main Window
Main Window showing updated UI (Window 11)

Multiple Password Records with the same Name

Currently, when using PWMinder 3, there is a restriction, that each password Record needs to have a unique name. This can be limiting when, for example, you are managing passwords for more than one person, and you are trying to save the same sort of password for each of them. For example, if both Bob and Alice have a Savings bank account, you would need to name one of them, for example, Savings (Alice) and the other Savings (Bob). With version 4, they can have the same name, as long as they are in different Categories:

Screenshot of two password records with the same name
Two Password Records with the same name

Multiple Security Questions

Currently, each password Record is limited to one Security Question (and Answer). Most accounts, however, which ask for Security Questions, require at least 3 (or sometimes more), questions. With PWMinder Desktop 4, each password Record can have an unlimited number of Security Questions and their associated Answers. See Screenshots below:

Main Screen showing multiple security questions
Record Details with Multiple Security Questions
Edit Record with Multiple Security Questions
Edit Record Screen showing Multiple Security Question

Improved Tabs

Draggable Tabs

This has been a long time coming. The UI framework, used for PWMinder Desktop 3.x, did not easily allow for the dragging of tabs. This, of course, is a feature everyone would expect when using a tabbed interface. We are happy to say that in PWMinder Desktop 4, the Record tabs, can be re-arranged, by dragging them:

Animation of dragging tabs
Draggable Record Tabs!

Context Menu

Another improvement to the Record tabs is the introduction of a Context Menu (aka. right-click menu). The Context Menu gives some tab closing options, as well as some quick options for modifying and deleting Records:

Record Tab Context Menu
Record Tab Context Menu

Archived Records

If you are like me, you have accumulated dozens and dozens of passwords over the years. Some of these passwords, you may no longer need (maybe your Blackberry PIN, or old Napster account). These unused passwords clog up your vault/repository, but you don’t want to delete them… just in case. In version 4, we’ve added the ability to archive Records. These Records are not deleted but are hidden, keeping your Vault cleaner, but if you need them, you can still access them.

The archived Records are stored in the Archived folder but can also be displayed in their regular Category folders:

Screenshot showing archived folder
Archived Folder containing archived Records
Screen shot showing archived Records
Archived Records, shown (greyed out) in Regular Category Folder

More to Come

That’s it for now. As development continues, I’ll post more updates as the progress on PWMinder Desktop 4 continues.

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