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PWMinder Desktop (Password Manager) 3.3.2 Released

At Ewert Technologies we are pleased to announce the release of PWMinder Desktop 3.3.2. PWMinder Desktop is a Password Manager for Windows and macOS, that is compatible with both iPWMinder and PWMinder Android.

Version 3.3.2 contains the following updates

Updates to Look and Feels

Most of the changes in version 3.3.2 focus on the Look and Feel options, which change the style and appearance of the application.

New Look and Feel for macOS

FlatLaf released a new dark/light theme for macOS, that attempts to give a more native look to apps, by using colours that match macOS and more native-looking controls. Using this theme on macOS gives PWMinder Desktop a more polished look on macOS.

Screenshot of PWMinder FlatLaf Light
New FlatLaf macOS Light Theme
Screenshot of PWMinder FlatLaf Dark
New FlatLaf macOS Dark Theme

Removed VAqua Look and Feel

VAqua is a Look and Feel meant to look like native macOS. Prior to this version, VAqua was only working on macOS Intel and only in Light mode, and now with an updated Look and Feel from FlatLaf (that, in our opinion, looks better than VAqua), we have decided to no longer support VAqua.

Updated FlatLaf

In addition to a new theme for macOS, FlatLaf made some minor tweaks for Windows as well. These tweaks include some changes to some of the standard icons, giving them a more modern/rounded look.

Alert Dialog
Alert showing new FlatLaf icon

Automatically select FlatLaf Dark/Light

We have also added an option to the Look and Feel, to have PWMinder use FlatLaf Dark or Light, based on the theme currently used by the Operating System. For example, if the current Theme for the Operating System is Light, then PWMinder will use FlatLaf (Light). This Option can be set by going to Options/Preferences and then in the Look and Feel Section, and selecting FlatLaf (OS Default). Note: if the Theme of the Operating System changes, while PWMinder is open, the Look and Feel won’t automatically change; you will need to exit PWMinder and start it again. A prompt message is displayed, to alert you of changes to the Operation System theme.

PWMinder Options Screen
Selecting FlatLaf (OS Default) Look and Feel option

JetBrains Mono Font

Sometimes with passwords, it is difficult to distinguish between certain letters, such as 1 and l, and 0 and O. In version 3.2.2 of PWMinder, we now use JetBrains Mono font, when displaying passwords:

Password Dialog showing password using JetBrains Mono Font
Displaying password using JetBrains Mono Font

JetBrains Mono is designed to be an easy-to-read monospaced font. It does an especially good job and differentiating between similar-looking numbers and letters:

JetBrains Mono Distinctiveness of symbols
JetBrain Mono Distinctiveness of symbols

PWMinder Desktop (Password Manager) 3.3.2

PWMinder Desktop is a cross-platform, Password Manager that stores all of your passwords and other sensitive data in a secure encrypted file. With PWMinder, you don’t need to try and remember all of your various passwords, but rather create one very secure password, that is used to access all of your other passwords. For more information about PWMinder Desktop, and to Download, please visit the PWMinder Desktop Home Page.

PWMinder Desktop on Laptop

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