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Test Management with JIRA: Xray vs SynapseRT

vs Introduction I have been using JIRA Software for the past few years for issue tracking, and overall I have been very happy with it. For testing management, in the past, I have used TestLink, but decided it was time I looked into finding something that integrated with JIRA so I could manage all of […]

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Software Test Automation

Test Automation is often seen as the Holy Grail of Software Testing, and anyone who has manually executed the same test case over and over again, on various builds and releases of a software application, will attest to the usefulness of automated tests.  Victor EwertI am Victor Ewert, an Independent Software Developer and owner of

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Software Defect Tracking

Introduction Entering and tracking defects, is one of the main tasks for testers. It is important that any time that a defect is found (whether it was actively being looked for or not), that it is logged. Even if you are not sure if it really is a defect, or if you think it maybe

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Software Testing Processes

So you have decided you want to implement a more formal approach to testing your software, but don’t really know where to begin. In this article I will outline a basic structure of the software testing process, including some tips for test case writing, and suggestions for some tools to use in testing. There is

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Types of Software Testing

When doing a little reading about how to test software you will quickly find that there are a lot ways to test software with a lot of different terms used. In this article I will give a brief overview of the various types of testing commonly used in Software Testing, as well as provide advice

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