First Gradle Plugin: notarytool-gradle

We are pleased to announce that we have developed and released our first plugin for Gradle: notarytool-gradle. This plugin adds the ability to notarize applications for macOS and to check your notarization history.

Apple requires that software applications run on macOS need to be notarized before they can be distributed. Currently, Apple provides a command line tool called notarytool that allows developers to notarize their applications. Unfortunately, notarytool is only available on more recent versions of macOS (11.3 and later) and is not available on other Operating Systems such as Linux or Windows. Our notarytool-gradle plugin uses Apple’s Notary API Web Service to do the notarization, so it can be used on any Operating System. The plugin also allows for an easy integration of the notarization process in an existing Gradle build script.

This plugin is available on the Gradle Plugin Portal. For more information and a detailed usage guide please refer to our GitHub Repo.

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