PWMinder Desktop 3.3.3 Released

At Ewert Technologies we are pleased to announce the release of PWMinder Desktop 3.3.3. PWMinder Desktop is a Password Manager for Windows and macOS, that is compatible with both iPWMinder and PWMinder Android.

PWMinder Desktop 3.3.3 contains the following updates:

  • Updated to Java 17.0.9
  • Added experimental support for Linux
  • Improvements to FlatLaf for Windows 11 (now uses Windows 11 rounded borders and drop shadows)
  • Better handling of lock files
  • Can automatically re-start on Windows, when Look and Feel changes
  • Other minor updates and fixes

The most noteworthy changes are the betting handling of lock files and Linux support. See PWMinder Desktop Features to view the complete set of features.

Lock Files

When PWMinder Desktop opens a Repository file, it creates a lock file, so the file can’t be opened by another instance of PWMinder. When the Repository is closed, or when PWMinder Desktop is closed, the lock file gets deleted. Occasionally, if the computer was shut down improperly, or crashed, while PWMinder Desktop was running, the lock file wouldn’t get deleted, and the next time the Repository was opened, a warning message was displayed.  In version 3.3.3 we updated the design for how lock files get handled, and so they should now get deleted properly, even after a system crash.

Linux support

This version also brings some good news for Linux users. Version 3.3.3 includes experimental support for Linux. PWMinder Desktop now includes both  .deb and .tar.gz download options for Linux. See the Downloads page.

PWMinder Desktop on Ubuntu
PWMinder Desktop on Ubuntu using FlatLaf Dark
PWMinder Desktop on Ubuntu
PWMinder Desktop on Ubuntu using FlatLaf Light

PWMinder Desktop (Password Manager) 3.3.3

PWMinder Desktop is a cross-platform, Password Manager that stores all of your passwords and other sensitive data in a secure encrypted file. With PWMinder, you don’t need to try and remember all of your various passwords, but rather create one very secure password, that is used to access all of your other passwords. For more information about PWMinder Desktop, and to Download, please visit the PWMinder Desktop Home Page.

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