PWMinder Android 1.2.3 Released

PWMinder Password Manager 1.2.3, for Android Devices, is now available on the Google Play Store.

PWMinder for Android is a convenient, easy-to-use Password Manager for your Android phone or tablet, that allows you to access and manage all of your passwords wherever you choose. For more information about PWMinder Android visit the PWMinder Android home page.

PWMinder 1.2.3 includes the following improvements and updates:

  • Added Password Strength Indicator
  • Added integration with Android 13 Clipboard Editor
  • Updated minimum Android Version to Android 7 (Nougat) API 24
  • Other Minor Updates and Fixes

The most notable change is the addition of a Password Strength indicator, similar to what was already available in PWMinder Desktop and iPWMinder. Passwords are evaluated and given a score between 0 and a 100 and rating from Very Weak to Very Strong. The score and rating can be viewed on Record Details screen, by long-tapping the password.

PWMinder Android Record Details
Record details screen showing Password Strength

The score is also shown when editing a Record, and is updated if the password gets changed.

PWMinder Android Edit Record
Edit screen showing Password Strength

For more information about how the score is calculated please see our Password Strength page.

PWMinder for Android is available on the Google Play Store.

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