iPWMinder 2.0.6

iPWMinder 2.0.3 Released

At Ewert Technologies, we are pleased to announce the release of iPWMinder – Password Manager 2.0.3! Version 2.0.3 is an update to our popular password manager for iOS.

iPWMinder 2.0.0

iPWMinder Password Manager 2.0.3 includes the ability to Import and Export Repository files to ‘My Phone’ and iCloud. In addition the release fixes a problem with a mission icon and several other minor fixes. With iPWMinder, you can easily manage and access all of your passwords wherever you go. You can find out more information on the iPWMinder website.


To import a file, tap on the Open icon, on the Home screen, and go to the Local Files tab. From there tap on the Import icon, which will open the iOS files browser. Browse the file you want to import (either in ‘My Phone’ or iCloud) and then tap on it; the file will be imported to your Local Files.


To export a file, open a Local Repository. From the Repository screen, tap on the Export icon, which will open the iOS files browser. Browse to the location you want to export to (either in ‘My Phone’ or iCloud) and tap on the location. The file will be exported (copied) to that location.

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