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Rail Baron – Game of Building Railroad Empires

From the back of the game box:

You are living in the heyday of the locomotive. You are Jay Gould. And you have just added another railroad to your vast railroad empire. Flushed with success, you now retire to the splendor of your very own Pullman Palace Car. The dream ends. You awaken to reality with the though… “just another fantasy.” but for the grace of Avalon Hill, your dream continues.

If you have ever played the Rail Baron board game, you know that is great game to play with friends and family. The only frustration, is having to use the provided charts and tables, to look up your trip destinations and payoffs. To help make playing the game easier, and more fun, I am developing an iOS app called Rail Baron Tools.

Rail Baron Tools

Using Rail Baron Tools, you can quickly and easily look up your destination, based on your rolls, and can also easily look up payoffs between two cities. This helps to speed up game play, and adds a technological touch, to a classic board game. The app also acts as a reference guide, providing detailed and strategically useful information about Regions, Cities and Railroads, to help you play like pro.

Screen Shots

Below are some Screen Shots from app:

Rail Baron Tools Welcome Screen
Rail Baron Tools Welcome Screen
Rail Baron Tools Roll for Destination Screen
Roll for Destination Screen
Rail Baron Tools City Details Screen
City Details Screen
Rail Baron Tools Railroad Details Screen
Railroad Details Screen


Rail Baron Tools is in the final stage of development and testing, so look for it on the App Store soon.

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