Warning about lock file, when starting PWMinder

You are allowed to open several instances the PWMinder application on your computer so you can have multiple Repository files open at the same time. Each Repository file, however, may only be open in one instance of PWMinder at a time. If you try to open a Repository file, that is already open in another instance a warning message is displayed.

If PWMinder does not get shut down properly (for example, the computer gets shut down, without
having first, closed PWMinder), the Repository file may remained locked, and you will be unable to open it. To unlock a file, Browse to where the file is saved (hint, you can use the Browse... button on the warning message) and delete the associated lock file. Example if file is Demo.pwm, the lock file will be Demo.pwm.lock~. After deleting the lock file, you can open the Repository file normally again.

To avoid being accidentally locked out of a Repository file, please make sure to exit all instances of PWMinder before logging off, re-starting or shutting down your computer.

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