With iPWMinder, you can add password Records to your Password Repository. Each Record, contains login and password information, as well as other information that you may choose to add.

To add a new Record, start iPWMinder, and then open your password Repository (see How to Open an Existing Repository file). From the main Repository screen, tap on the Add button in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

Add a new record


The New Record screen will then be displayed allowing you to enter your information. Firstly, enter a Name for the Record. The name should be something that helps you quickly identify your password Record. The Name is required, must be unique, and can't contain the " (quotation mark) character.

Add New Record Information


Next select a Category for your record. The category is used to help group and organize your password Records. iPWMinder comes with set of default Categories, and additional custom Categories can be created using PWMinder Desktop.

After selecting a Category, you can add a Description for the Record. This description will by displayed, when viewing the Record List.

Next you can enter the Login and Password. Not all Records will have a login (e.g. an Alarm Code, or Credit Card PIN), so the Login can be left blank. A password, however, is required.

Tip: You can tap on the Password Generator icon, to have the app create a random password for your.

You can also add other information about the Record, including an Account Number, Website, eMail address and Notes. These are all optional.

Some website require you to add a Security Question, in case you forget your password. You can add a Question and Answer to your Record.

Tip: When entering information, if you want to close the keyboard, tap on the Close Keyboard icon, on the top right.

Finally, you can optionally add an Expiry Date. It is recommended that you change passwords every so often, e.g. every few months for your important passwords such as Bank PINs etc. You can add an Expiry Date to your Record to help remind you to change your password.

Add Expiry Date


After entering all of the information, tap on the Save button, in the bottom right corner, to save your new Record.

Save Record


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