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iPwdGen ScreenshotiPwdGen is a Password Generator for your iOS device, that can create secure Passwords, for things like web sites, computer logins, etc.

Passwords are all around us, we need to create passwords for email accounts, smart phones, web sites, computer accounts, alarms systems, etc. We know that we should be creating good secure passwords, but sometimes it is difficult to come up with a strong, secure, random password. iPwdGen for your iPhone® is an App to help you do just that.

iPwdGen will create a random password with lengths from 4 to 25 characters. You can also customize your password by having it contain: numbers only, letters only, letters and number, upper case letters, lower case letters, mixed case, and you can also specify a special character to include. After generating the password iPwdGen will give you an idea of how strong it is.

If you already have a password, you can manually type it in, and iPwdGen will give you an idea of how strong the password is.

iPwdGen is available on the iTunes App Store:

Download iPwdGen on iTunes Badge

DISCLAIMER: Since there is no generally accepted standard, for how to calculate the strength of a password, Ewert Technologies created its own algorithm. This algorithm is based on some of the current best practices, including things like password length, mix of number and letters, mix of upper and lower case, etc. The password strength given, is only meant to provide a guideline, and is in no way meant to indicate that a given password cannot be broken. In addition, Ewert Technologies assumes no responsibility for the use of any passwords that are generated, in the case where these passwords are broken.

Suggestions for creating a Strong Password

  • Password should be at least 8 characters long, preferably 10 characters or more.
  • Password should contain a mix of numbers and letter.
  • Letter should be a mix of upper and lower case.
  • Password should include symbols or special characters.
  • Password should not include words from a dictionary.
  • Password should not include a person name or user name.
  • The same password should not be used for more than one purpose.

To help you remember all of your passwords, and to keep them organized, give PWMinder a try. PWMinder is available for Windows, Mac, BlackBerry, iPhone and Android.


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