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This Timestamp Converter converts POSIX compliant Timestamps to readable Dates, and vice versa.  Many Operating Systems (e.g. Unix, Linux, etc.) and Programming Languages (e.g. Java, PERL, PHP, Python, etc.), store their dates and times as System Timestamps. These System Timestamps are based on the number of milliseconds (Java, Javascript, etc.) or seconds (Unix, Linux, PERL) since January 1, 1970 UTC, which is known as the Epoch.  For more information about how Computer System times work, please refer to the wikipedia article: System Time.

This Tool, allows you convert between a computer readable System Timestamp, and a human readable Date/Time; and can display the Date/Time in various formats and in various Time Zones.

NOTE: This tool interacts with your System Clipboard (so you can paste the values into other applications) and so you may see a security warning.  Please accept the warning, to use the Tool.

To run Timestamp Converter, click on the Launch button:


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Instructions for Use

This Timestamp Converter tool requires the Java plugin to be installed in your browser.  If you don't have the Java plugin click on the Get Java Software logo.

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Convert Timestamp to Date

  1. Select whether or not the Timestamp you wish to convert is millisecond based (check Include Milliseconds) or seconds based (un-check Include Milliseconds)
  2. Select the format you wish the date to be displayed in. (The default is based on the current system date format, for your operating system).
  3. Select the Time Zone you want the Timestamp to be displayed for. (The top Time Zone in the list, is the current system Time Zone, based on the operating system).
  4. Enter the Timestamp value.
  5. Click on the Convert⇓ button, to convert the Timestamp to a Date.
  6. Click on the Copy button, next to the Date, to copy the formatted date value, to the clipboard.

Convert Date to Timestamp

  1. Select whether or not the converted Timestamp should include milliseconds (check Include Milliseconds) or only include seconds (un-check Include Milliseconds).
  2. Select the format you wish to enter the date with.
  3. Select the Time Zone for the date and time you are wanting to convert.
  4. Select a date, using the calendar button.
  5. Enter the Hour, Minutes, Seconds, (and Milliseconds, if required).
  6. Click on the Convert⇑ Button, to convert the date and time to a timestamp.
  7. Click on the Copy Button, next to the Timestamp, to copy the timestamp value, to the clipboard.

Time Zone Conversion

Strictly speaking, this tool is not designed to convert times between different Time Zones, but it can be used for this purpose as well.

To convert a date and time, from one Time Zone, to another, execute the following steps:

  1. Select the Date Format you wish to use.
  2. Select the Time Zone you wish to convert from.
  3. Enter a Date and Time.
  4. Click on the Convert⇑ Button, to convert the Date/Time to a Timestamp.
  5. Select the Time Zone, you wish to convert to.
  6. Click on the Convert⇓ Button, to convert the Timestamp back to a Date/Time

Current Time in Various Time Zones

Below is a list, showing the current time in various cities, in different time zones.  Click on the city to get more details about the city.

 For more great time and date information visit


If you find any problems with this tool, or have any suggestions, please go to the Support page.


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