FastSpring is our new E-Commerce provider

Up until now, at Ewert Technologies, we have been using Kagi, as our E-Commerce service provider.  Recently, Kagi announced that it is was going out of business, forcing us to find a new provider.

We are now, pleased to announce, that we have switched to FastSpring, which will provide us and our customers with a great purchasing solution.  So, what does this mean for our customers?  Thankfully, not a lot: our Store Page will look different, and the check-out process is slightly changed, but our prices, licensing, and activation codes remain the same.

To mark this change, we are, for a limited time, offering a 50% discount on the purchase of PWMinder Desktop activation codes. To claim this discount, you can apply the following coupon code during the checkout process:

Coupon Code: PWMD50M6XWI

or use this direct link:

PWMinder Desktop Coupon Code

This Coupon is only valid until August 31st, so act now!

For more information about PWMinder Desktop, including download and purchase information, please visit the PWMinder Desktop home page.

iPWMinder Password Manager 1.2.0 Released

iPWMinder on iPhone 6iPWMinder Password Manager 1.2.0 has been released, and is now available on the iTunes App Store. iPWMinder is the iOS companion to the popular Password Manager PWMinder Desktop, and a member of the PWMinder Suite of password management products. iPWMinder allows you to easily view and manage your passwords on your iOS device.

iPWMinder 1.2.0, includes several new features, including:

  • Updated User Interface
  • User Interface improvements
  • Improved Syncing with Dropbox
  • Option to mask passwords
  • Option for Repository to timeout, for increased security
  • Other minor bug fixes

For more information about iPWMinder please visit the iPWMinder Home Page.

How to keep Java up to date on your computer

Java is a popular programming language that is used to run a variety of software applications and programs. The beauty of Java, is that it allows software developers to write programs that can be run on a variety of Operating Systems, including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.  Java has come under fire in recent years as being not very secure.  Most of the reported issues, however, are with the browser add-on (used to run applets) and don’t affect desktop applications (see my blog post titled: How does Java Security Flaw affect Desktop Applications, for more information).  Having said that, Java, like any other software, receives periodic updates to fix potential security and other issues, and so it is important to keep your Java version up to date.

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Java on Mac OS X

This is a follow up to another Blog post I made:

How does Java Security Flaw affect Desktop Applications

Java has been in the news a lot in the past few days, and not for good reasons. A major security flaw was found in the Java browser plugin, and a fix has subsequently been released by Oracle. This has left a lot of computer users wondering whether they have Java on their computer, which version they might have, and which version should they have.

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