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PWMinder Desktop 3.1 Released

At Ewert Technologies, we are pleased to announce the release of PWMinder Desktop 3.1. This is a minor release of our desktop password manager, that updates the integration with Dropbox.

In November 2015, Dropbox announced the general availability of API v2, and in June 2016 Dropbox announced that API v1 is deprecated, and will turned off on June 28, 2017. PWMinder Desktop 3.0 uses API v1, and so will no longer work with Dropbox after June 28, 2017. PWMinder Desktop 3.1, has been upgraded to use API v2.

We recommend all PWMinder Desktop users, to upgrade to version 3.1, especially if you use Dropbox integration. The changes should be seemless to users, although there is the possibility you may need to re-integrate PWMinder Desktop with Dropbox by signing into Dropbox from within PWMinder. For more information, and to download version 3.1 please visit the PWMinder Desktop home page.

If you use iPWMinder (for iOS) and/or PWMinder for Android, please watch for updates to these apps as well.

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