UTM Coordinate Converter

Current Release: 1.0.1 (build - June 4, 2015


This Coordinate Converter, converts between various Geographic Coordinate Systems, allowing you to convert between various Latitude/Longitudes systems and the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) system. The application includes a map, that displays the location you converted. In addition clicking on the map allows you to select a location you would like to convert (see Features for more details).

UTM Coordinate Converter is a cross-platform application that runs on both Windows and Mac (see System Requirements for more details).  To download UTM Coordinate Converter for your Operating System visit the Downloads page.

UTM Coordinate Converter on Laptop

Disclaimer: While all attempts have been made to make this tool as correct and accurate as possible, Ewert Technologies, does not provide any guarantee as to the accuracy of the conversion results, and the tool, therefore, should not be relied upon in any mission critical applications. Use at your own Risk.


Your application was found fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system and is completely safe for the end-users to use on their Windows 10 PCs.

UTM Coordinate Converter is Windows 10 compatible


For more information about geographic coordinate systems see Coordinate Systems.

Mapping is provided by OpenStreetMap