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Using Wink to create Screen Casts

Over the past few weeks I have been playing around with different software for creating screen casts, that can demonstrate feature of PWMinder.  While screen shot image are important to let the user see the general look of the UI, screen casts showcase h… more »


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New PWMinder 2.0 Screen Cast

A new Screen Cast is available for PWMinder.  This new demo shows how to set up and configure the Auto Login feature, for automatically logging in to a website.  It uses logging in to a Gmail account as an example.  To view this screen cast and other PWM… more »


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PWMinder 2.0 Screen Casts now available.

I have recently added some Screen Casts demonstration videos of PWMinder 2.0.  Initially I have added a video demonstrating how to create a new Repository, and one demonstrating how to Add a new Record.  These can be viewed at http://www.ewert-technologi… more »

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