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iPWMinder available soon


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iPWMinder available soon


The iPWMinder app, for ios Devices, will be available soon.

iPWMinder is the ios version of the popular password manager, PWMinder.  With iPWMinder, you can create and manage your various passwords, and keep the secure in a encrypted file.  iPWMinder is compatible with PWMinder Desktop, and PWMinder BlackBerry, so password repositories created on one, can be opened with another.  iPWMinder also features DropBox integration, so you can save your password repository files in DropBox, making it easier to access your passwords, from various locations and devices.

iPWMinder works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, running ios 4.2 or higher.  To work with DropBox, you'll also need a DropBox account.

iPWMinder should be available from the iTunes App Store in a few weeks.  Check back for more details.

Below are some screenshops (these are subject to change):

iPWMinder Screenshot 1

iPWMinder Screenshot

iPWMinder Screenshot

iPWMinder Screenshot

iPWMinder Screenshot

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