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Geocaching app for iPhone/iPod Review


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Geocaching app for iPhone/iPod Review

I have been Geocaching for nearly 5 years, and just recently got an iPod touch. I've always been wanting to go paperless, but never had the toys to do it, until now! I knew there was a Geocaching App for iPhones, and was hoping it would be free; when I saw the price tag of $9.99 I was thinking that it was pretty steep for an iPhone app and was a little hesitant. I finally decided to go for it and wasn't disappointed.

The app allows for easy searching of geocaches. You can search using:

  1. Nearby caches (based on location of your device)
  2. Address/Postal Code
  3. Geocache Code


Once you have found the cache that interests you, you can save it to favourites for quick retrieval.


Since I have an iPod touch, which is not always connected, especially when geocaching, I was concerned about offline support. I found that the offline mode works well. I can access all the basic information about a cache I've saved including:

  1. Coordinates
  2. Difficulty and Terrain rating
  3. Description
  4. Logs
  5. Hints
  6. Attributes






Before going offline there is also an option to save Maps and Photos, so they can be viewed offline.


Because I only have an iPod touch, I don't use it for the actual geocaching, for that I use my Garmin handheld GPS, but use the iPod to reference information, check out the hint, view previous logs, etc. Once the cache is found, you can post a Log/Field Note, which offers simlar functionality to log your visit, on the website. In addition you can log a trackable and attach photos.

When you are done you can post it either as a log or as a field note (so far I have only tried logs).

On my first cache with my iPod (while away on a camping trip), I entered my log information in the field while offline, and then several days later when I got back home, I was able to post the log!

I have only just started using the app, but so far I am happy with it, and would recommend it to anyone you enjoys geocaching and has an iPhone or iPod Touch.

For more information about the Geocaching App, you can get more details at Geocaching.com


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Comment from: Kathy [Visitor] Email
KathyOne question: Can we use the Ipod as a gps with a compass ?
08/16/12 @ 09:50
Comment from: victor.ewert [Member] Email
victor.ewertSorry, iPod touch does not come with a built in GPS.
08/19/12 @ 14:25

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