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Just got Google Drive

Google Drive is now available, and I just got access the other day. more »


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Viewing files on your iOS device

When I first got my iPod Touch, I was a little frustrated that I couldn't easily transfer files to it from my Desktop Computer. I eventually found that if an App allows it, you can copy files using iTunes. This is fine, but, especially as an iOS App developer, I sometimes like to have a little more control, and be able to see the files and folder structures on the device. more »


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Storage in the Clouds

Up until fairly recently, clouds were merely tiny drop of water up in the sky.  If you remember to geography lessons, you might know about Nimbus, Cumulus, and Cirrus,clouds.  In recently years, however, there has been a lot of talk about storing data in The Cloud; more »


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iPwdGen iPhone App, is now available on iTunes App Store

At Ewert Technologies, we have just a released a new iPhoneŽ/iPodŽ App, called iPwdGen, which will help you to create strong and secure passwords. more »


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Essential Software for your PC - Part 3 - Utilities

This is the third part in my series, giving recommendations on free software, that every PC should have.  In Part 1, I wrote about security software, in Part 2, I wrote about productivity software; in this article I will gives suggestions on software utilities. more »

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