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Viewing files on your iOS device


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Viewing files on your iOS device

When I first got my iPod Touch, I was a little frustrated that I couldn't easily transfer files to it from my Desktop Computer.  I eventually found that if an App allows it, you can copy files using iTunes.  This is fine, but, especially as an iOS App developer, I sometimes like to have a little more control, and be able to see the files and folder structures on the device.

I recently found iExplorer, which does just what I need.   With iExplorer, you can browse the folders and files on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), create folders and copy files back and forth between your device and you Desktop Computers.

To use iExplorer, simply plug your Device into you Desktop Computer and you will see your device listed in the left column.

iExplorer Screen Shot 1

If you expand Apps, you will see a list of  all the Apps you have installed on your device.

iExplorer Screen Shot 2

Each App has a Documents folder as well as a Library and tmp folder.  The Documents folder is where the App stores any Documents and where you would most likely want to copy files.  The other folders shouldn't be touched.  To copy a file simple drag and drop from Finder (Mac) or Windows Explorer.

Besides Apps, there is a Media folder.  This contains all of your Photos, Music etc.  The files and folders here a managed by iTunes and I would strongly recommend not touching anything here.

Unless your are an iOS App developer,  iExplorer is not necessarily something you'd used on a daily basis, but it is definitely handy if you want to peak inside the files structure of you device.

iExplorer is available for both Mac OS/X and Windows.

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