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Installing Java on Mac OS/X Lion


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Installing Java on Mac OS/X Lion

Many of the products and tools, created by Ewert Technologies, require a Java runtime.  For Mac users, up until recently, this hasn't been a problem; up until Mac OS/X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), Java came automatically installed.  Starting with Mac OS/X 10.7 (Lion), however, Java is no longer automatically installed.  Luckily it is quite easy to install Java on Mac OS/X Lion.

The easiest way to install Java, is to open the Java Preferences App.  This can be found by going to Applications -> Utilities and then double clicking on Java Preferences.app

Java Preferences

Alternatively, if you can run an application that requires a Java Runtime.  In either case a message will be displayed telling you that you need a Java runtime, and asking if you would like to install one.  Click on Install.

Install Java

After Java has been installed, click on OK.

Installed Java success

If you want to run Java applets, you need to enable the plug-in.  If not already running, run the Java Preferences.app.  On the General tab, check the Enable applet plug-in and Web Start applications check box.

Enable Java Plugin

That's it, you're done! Now you can run all of your favourite Java application.

Currently, following these instructions will install Java 6.  Java 7 is not yet supported for Mac OS/X, but will be supported by the OpenJDK project.

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