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50% Off Coupons for PWMinder Desktop 3.0

As a thank-you, to all of you who have downloaded and tried the new version of PWMinder Desktop, we are offering 50%-off coupons, to the first five people to take advantage of this offer.  There are no strings attached, no need to 'Like' anything, or subscribe to anything; you just need to take one of the coupons codes, and use it.

Note: each coupon code can only be used once, so if you try one, and it fails, that means you were too late. There may be other offers in the future, so check please back.

Coupon Codes:


To use the Codes, go to the PWMinder Desktop purchase page:

1. Click on Add to Cart

2. On the Cart Page, click on the Enter a coupon/promo code link.

3. Enter one of the above codes

4. Enter one of the above codes

5. Continue with checkout.

6. Activate PWMinder Desktop

For more information on how to Activate PWMinder Destkop, go to the PWMinder Destkop Purchase Page.

For more information about PWMinder Desktop, including features, and downloads please go to the PWMinder Destkop Home Page.


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Updated Applets to comply to new Java 7 security

We have updated our UTM Coordinate Converter and Timestamp Converter applets, to comply with the new security requirements in Java 7 update 51.

These applets require the Java plugin to be installed, in order to work.  We recommend you install the latest version of Java.  To download and install the latest version of Java, click on the logo below:

Get Java Software



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News about upgrade for PWMinder Desktop

At Ewert Technologies, we have been busy over the past few months working on an upgrade to PWMinder Desktop.  PWMinder 3, will contain several new and exciting features that will make it easier to manage your passwords, and improve the security of your data.  New features include:

  • Tabbed Records - Multiple Records can be displayed at once, and accessed using a familar tab style.
  • Favourites - You can mark your most commonly used Records as favourites, giving you easier access to them.
  • Easily open recent Repository files - If you manage your passwords in several Repository files, you can easily open the ones you use the most.
  • Dropbox Integration - You can now store, access and modify your password Repository files on Dropbox, allowing you to access them using a variety of devices include iPhones and Android phones.
  • File Encryptor - Allows you to securely encrypt and decrypt files on your computer
  • File Shredder - Permanently and securely delete sensitive files on your computer

We are in the final stages of development and once we have everything tested we look forward to releasing this upgrade to PWMinder Desktop.



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UTM Coordinate Converter Desktop available on CNET

UTM Coordinate Converter is now available for download on CNET.


Get it from CNET!



Get it from CNET!

UTM Coordinate Converter converts between various geographic coordinate systems allowing users to converter between various Latitude/Longitude systems and UTM.  For more information visit the UTM Converter home page.


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UTM Coordinate Converter Desktop is now available

At Ewert Technologies, we have just released a stand-alone version of our UTM Coordinate Converter.  Several years ago, we created an online UTM Coordinate Converter, that allows user to convert between various geographic coordinate systems.  This tool has been very popular and will remain on our website, but with recent concerns about security in Java applets, we have decided give users the option to download a desktop version of the tool.

The desktop version contains all the same basic functionality, with the some exiting new features, including displaying the location on various maps, and selecting a location by clicking on the map. This desktop version is available for both Windows and Mac OS X.  For more information including features, screenshots, and downloads visit:



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